Increase your revenue as a mobile DJ by offering photo booth services to your clients. Over 73% of weddings have photo booths, tap into this great revenue source with a Pic Station Mini from Booth Masters, the best photo booth for DJs.

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Why A Mobile DJ Should Buy A Photo Booth

As a mobile DJ, you get to be the life of the party.  

Celebrating with your clients at all kinds of once-in-a-lifetime events like weddings, bar or bat mitzvahs, holiday parties and corporate events.

Event smaller events like birthday parties, reunions, and school events are an opportunity to bring the fun & entertainment to the party.

As a DJ, you’ve seen photo booths at your clients events.

Those photo booths are often booked for anywhere from $500 to $1500 per gig.

That is a good return on investment if you were to add a photo booth to your current add-ons and offerings.

Many DJs already offer uplighting, monogram gobos, dancing on a cloud, and other special effects and entertainment options.

These add-ons help increase your average booking rate and generate more revenue per gig.

Photo booths are one of the most requested, highest priced additions that a mobile DJ can offer to your clients.

What is the best photo booth for DJs?



If you are a wedding DJ, then you are familiar with the wedding website The Knot, in their annual wedding study in 2017, they found that 73% of couples have a photo booth.

The most popular guest entertainment for high spenders include photo booths (73%)

TheKnot 2017 Real Weddings Study

If you are able to offer a bundled package with your DJ services and a photo booth, what would it mean to your bottom line if 73% of your wedding clients added a photo booth as an add-on to your DJ services?

Best Photo Booth for DJs

Cost Of A Photo Booth For A DJ

DIY Photo Booth Kiosk

What does it cost for a DJ to buy a photo booth?

When looking for a photo booth to buy for your DJ business, there are several costs that you should consider.

While it looks like there are a lot of different costs involved with adding a photo booth to your DJ company, it really isn’t very much when compared to the cost of the equipment that you already have invested into your DJ setup.

Buying a photo booth for your DJ company

If you’re looking for the perfect photo booth to add to your DJ business, you will want a photo booth that is fast and easy to set up because time saved setting up at your events means more profit.

The photo booth should also be durable and reliable, and the software should be easy to use.

A popular photo booth among DJs is the Booth Masters Pic Station Mini.

It is a flexible, portable, easy to use photo booth kiosk that you can use your choice of iPad or Surface Pro with DSLR Camera.

The Pic Station Mini is a low-cost affordable photo booth shell that can grow with your business as you expand your photo booth offerings.

Best Photo Booth Software For DJs

When choosing the software to use with your photo booth in your DJ company, you should keep these things in mind.

How hard or easy is it to configure the event?

Does the event need to be configured in the software on the photo booth itself, or can you use a cloud-based software to configure your events, even if your photo booth is packed up in your storage area?

Make sure the software easy to use when running the event, so that guests can intuitively use the photo booth by themselves, or you can quickly train an assistant to run the photo booth.

How hard or easy is it to customize the photo strip template with your clients names & date or logo?

The best photo booth software should make your job easier.

We recommend using Snappic on an iPad as your photo booth for DJ.

You can create events online in the cloud-based interface, easily upload and customize the photo strips, and the software is very intuitive and easy to use at your events.

Photo Booth Props for DJ Companies

When you start booking your photo booth alongside your DJ services, your customers will want to have fun props.

You already have all of your DJ gear and equipment that you are bringing to the event, and you wont necessarily want to bring totes upon totes of bulky props for guests to use in the photo booth.

A good solution is the popular PVC sign props from companies like Yo Props.

These fun signs are flat, easy to clean, and can be packed up nicely into a smaller box or carrying tote.

And the best part, is they are often double-sided, so you really get 2 different props in one!

Photo Booth Backdrops for DJ Business

There are several styles of backdrops you can use with your photo booth.

Try to avoid the cheap, flimsy, tripod based backdrops you find on Amazon.  They are difficult to set up and they easily are knocked over by guests.

If you want to have a good low-cost photo backdrop, then consider getting a pipe and drape kit from Georgia Expo.

These professional pipe & drape kits are durable, sturdy, and you can get several colors of drape to use as a backdrop for a nice low price.

If you want to have a more premium backdrop look, then consider getting a pillowcase backdrop from a company like PB Backdrops.

Photo Printers for DJs

As a DJ adding a photo booth to your mobile entertainment business, you will need to choose whether or not you offer prints.

Many DJs are offering “Social Booths”, or photo booths that only take digital pictures for sharing on social media.

The problem with this, however, is that if your clients expect that a photo booth has prints, you now have to convince and sell them on the idea of why not having prints is “better”.

To be able to get the best booking fees for your events, I strongly recommend having a printer and offering prints with your photo sessions.

A good dye sublimation photo printer is an investment into your DJ business.

Stick with a popular brand such as DNP or Mitsubishi.  These printers are durable, and reliable, and provide high quality prints in just seconds.

Shop for a quality photo printer at Imaging Spectrum.

Hiring Assistant or Attendant To Run Your Photo Booth

As a DJ, you are going to be busy at the event making sure everyone is partying and having a great time.

Spinning and mixing awesome music behind your DJ console, you are not going to be available to babysit and monitor the photo booth.

This is where you will want to hire a roadie, or assistant who can help run your photo booth for you.

Many DJs go out as Husband/Wife teams where one runs the photo booth while the other DJs.

A good attendant will quickly learn how to set up your photo booth and be able to run it and entertain guests in the booth during the event.

They will also need to learn to troubleshoot and fix the occasional printer jam, and replace the printer media when it runs out.

Most photo booth attendants are paid anywhere from $15-25/hour depending on their training and experience.

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