How Portable is a Pic Station Mini Photo Booth?

Portable Photo Booth
The Pic Station Mini is a highly portable photo booth, perfect for any rental company.

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Small Photo Booth for Sale

A growing trend amongst event rental companies is to offer open-air style photo booths.  These “booths” are actually a photo kiosk or stand with a backdrop set 6 to 8 feet away.  The people have their pictures taken in front of the backdrop.

The photo kiosks come in many shapes and sizes.  In fact, the original Open-Air Photo Booth was a collection of road cases with a computer, camera, touch screen monitor, light, and printer crammed inside.

Transportable vs. Portable

All of these newer open style kiosks are transportable, meaning they can break down and pack up into smaller cases or bags and often times fit into the back of a car.

But how portable are they really?

Some of them are quite heavy, which makes them difficult for photo booth attendants to lift or set up at times.

Enter the Pic Station Mini!

This is an ultra portable, lightweight photo booth stand from Booth Masters.  It breaks down into 5 separate pieces:

  1. Faceplate – The faceplate with attached ring light is the brain of the unit. It houses the tablet and light.
  2. Head unit – The top piece of the photo booth column has brackets to attach a power strip, and a shelf to screw the camera to.
  3. Center Section – The center of the column is either a standard section, or can be replaced with a TILT center section to provide the ability to tip the head unit at an angle for better photographing short or tall people.
  4. Bottom Section – The bottom column bolts to the base plate to provide stability.
  5. Base Plate – The base plate has 4 rubber feet to provide solid support.
All together, the Pic Station Mini weighs in at just 37lbs!
DSLR iPad Photo Booth

As a photo booth, the Pic Station Mini is small, lightweight, and above all, portable!

Portable Photo Booth Printer

When paired with the Booth Masters Print Station, a portable printer stand, the Pic Station Mini is a fantastic solution for a company wanting to provide a full-featured rental service.

Whether you choose to go with the DNP 620 which is a popular portable photo printer, or the Mitsubish CP-D70DW, you will want to be sure to get a high quality printer cover to protect your investment.

print station white dnp620 array

Setting Up Your Portable Photo Booth

An important feature to consider when looking to buy from a portable photo booth manufacturer is how long it takes to set up or tear down your equipment.

The Pic Station Mini can be set up in under 5 minutes, and it can be packed up even faster.

In fact, you will most likely spend more time carrying your photo equipment from your vehicle into the venue than you will actually setting up the photo stand.

Assembly in under 5 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pic Station Mini retails for $1795 or $1895 with Tilt option.  Check the product page for more information or for current specials or promotions.

You can purchase the Pic Station Mini in our online store, we ship everywhere in the United States.  Contact us for international shipping rates.

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