Looking for a new twist on the photo booth? Check out our iPad roamer, the mobile mini!

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An iPad Ring Roamer - take your photo booth mobile!

mobile mini ring roamer

When looking for a new & unique option for your photo booth company, consider the Booth Masters Mobile Mini!

It’s a portable, roamer powered by your choice of iPad.

The powerful LED ring light is powered by 2 standard camera batteries.

You can buy the mobile mini by itself, or if you already own one of our popular Pic Station Mini photo booth kiosks, you can buy a conversion kit to transform your faceplate into a ring roamer.

The back of the roamer has 2 large handles to make it easy to carry, and we include clips and a strap so you can let it hang around your neck, or carry it like a purse or satchel when not actively holding it for guests.

The back of the mobile roamer also has a VESA mount, so you cam attach it to a wall, or mount it onto a mono pod for even more options.

mobile mini ipad roamer

Watch this video of the unboxing for the Booth Masters mobile mini roaming iPad photo booth. In it we walk you through assembly and how everything works.

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