Identifying which version of the Pic Station Mini face plate you have.

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We are often asked about our photo booth faceplates for the Pic Station Mini.

  • Will a new faceplate fit my current ring light?

Current Faceplate vs Previous Generation

In 2018 we changed the way faceplates attached to the ring lights.  Previously, the bottom mounts used the built-in screw holes, and had “wings” to line up with the additional screw holes we added to the top of the ring light.

Now, we punch four 1/4-20 screw holes into the ring light to attach to the faceplate with 4 small mounting tabs.

Current Faceplates - 2018 to Today

new faceplate

If your Pic Station Mini has a current faceplate & ring light, you can upgrade to any new faceplate and keep your existing ring light.

Previous Faceplates - Pre 2018

old faceplate

If your Pic Station Mini has a previous generation faceplate, you can upgrade to any new faceplate, but you will need to purchase a new ring light to go with the faceplate.

1st Generation Faceplate

1st gen faceplate

If your Pic Station Mini uses one of these 1st generation faceplates, you will need to get a new faceplate and ring light.

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