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Where to buy an Affordable Photo Booth

Here at Booth Masters, we pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing durable and portable photo booth shells that are affordable and profitable.

When starting a photo booth business, it is important to keep an eye on your bottom line and control costs. Booth Masters strives to provide you with the tools to grow your event rental business.


Low-Cost Photo Booth Shells for Sale

ego handheld photobooth confetti

Roaming Photo Booth Shell Under $200

Roamers are the new photo booth craze.  With the mobility and power of the iPad, when paired with a lightweight shell, with handles you can take the photo booth experience out of the corner and into the crowd.

Roamers are a great addition to a photo booth rental business, and they shouldn’t cost as much as a complete photo booth kiosk.

That is why our EGO handheld mirror roamer exists, to provide a low-cost alternative.

It has mounting points to add a light for if you are working in a low-light environment.  

The lightweight frame, paired with an iPad Mini and you will have a slick mobile roaming photo booth.

pillar black confetti

Affordable Photo Booth Shell Under $1000

The Booth Masters Pillar is a fantastic photo booth shell, designed for the 10.5″ iPad and includes an LED beauty light to create good picture quality.

If you are looking for a durable, reliable and secure photo booth shell for sale, then consider adding the Pillar to your photo booth fleet.

This affordable, low-cost iPad photo kiosk can be branded and wrapped with vinyl to match any brand or look.  Great for large scale activations, and photo marketing opportunities.

pic station mini black confetti

Affordable Photo Booth Shell Under $2000

The pride and joy of Booth Masters, the Pic Station Mini is our most popular photo kiosk shell.  Its modular design means that it is compact, and flexible.

With it you can build an affordable DSLR + Surface Pro full featured photo booth.  Simply pick the software of your choice, add a tablet, and a camera and go!

Or you can use an iPad and have a powerful and flexible social booth.

Many of our customers buy multiple faceplates giving them essentially 2 or 3 different photo booths for the price of one!

Talk about affordability!

How to buy an Affordable Photo Booth

Whether you are looking for a low-cost roamer, an entry level photo kiosk, or a flexible and affordable photo booth shell, Booth Masters has what you are looking for.

If you are ready to buy a new kiosk for your photo booth business, then simply follow these steps and your new photo booth shell will be on its way to your doorstep!

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