A Model For Success

Our customers are growing photo booth business owners who seek to expand their business by having multiple units out at events.  Our line of cost-effective, flexible, and modular booths, powered by iPads allow for rapid growth.

Photos, GIFs, Boomerangs, AND Video!

Whether you want to take standard photos, create fun animated GIFs or burst boomerangs, or even create Tik-Tok like video recordings… the power of iPad photo booths cannot be denied.

You can create amazing experiences for your clients with ease, and with the Booth Masters Pic Station Mini, you can be assured that your clients will be impressed with the quality and performance.

DSLR iPad Photo Booth

Common Questions about iPad Photo Booths

There are a lot of different apps available for the iPad, some free, some paid, each with different features.  We review the top apps in our blog post: The Best iPad Photo Booth Software Review

To build a cheap DIY photo booth, all you need is an iPad, a stand, a light, and the software. However to be sure to get good quality pictures, you need to have a bright LED ring light like in the Pic Station Mini.  And to make sure that your DIY photo booth doesn’t fall down or fall apart, it is a good idea to make sure that you have a sturdy stand.  The Pic Station Mini is a great choice for DIYers looking to build their own booth.

Starting a business, while a lot of work, is simple.  Pick a name, register as a business, and advertise your products & services.  We have a complete guide to starting a photo booth business on our blog!

Benefits of using an iPad photo booth are:

  1. Great for social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  2. Good for branding, easily wrapped in vinyl to promote an event or business.
  3. Work well either attended, or unattended.
  4. A good choice for retail locations or permanent installs.
  5. Data collection: collect email addresses, phone numbers for marketing purposes.

Features of our Pic Station Mini:

  1. Fits any iPad: 9.7″, 10.5″, 11″, or 12.9″.
  2. Bright, high quality ring light to help capture good pictures.
  3. Modular design so that it can pack down into a small case for high portability.
iPad Photo Booth

Recommended Software Features

When choosing software to use on your iPad photo booth, we recommend picking an app that has the following features:

The software that you use will make all the difference when it comes to using your photo booth at events.

Popular professional apps include:

  • Snappic
  • Curator
  • Darkroom Booth for iPad
  • Lumabooth
  • Simplebooth
  • Breeze

Want to know which one is best? Then take a look at our review of popular photo booth software.

Marketing & Promoting Your Business

One of the benefits of buying a photo booth from Booth masters is that you get access to the photo booth owners resource portal.

Inside you get training videos to use with your staff to show them how to set up your booth.

Along with stock images and pictures that you can use to share on your Facebook and Instagram pages to promote your new booth.