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Want to buy a photo booth? Then you are in the right place! Booth Masters is a photo booth manufacturing company built and operated by experienced veterans in the special events industry. 

Our experience renting photo booths to over 2,000 events every year has taught us what the majority of clients are looking for and what works best.

We know that the 4 qualities that are most important to us as a photo booth rental company are:

Portability | Ease of Use | Quality of Photos | Overall Look

Thank you for considering Booth Masters products for your business, we look forward to helping you have successful & profitable events!

Pic Station Mini

The Modular Photo Booth System *Most Popular*


The Multi-Camera Bullet Time Photo Booth Array


The low-cost, secure, durable photo booth for unattended or long-term installs


The handheld vanity mirror photo booth roamer

Print Station

The perfect companion for any photo booth

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The Pic Station Mini is our most popular photo booth kiosk.  It is a versatile, portable, and modular photo booth system that supports your choice of iPad, or DSLR + tablet configuration.

No. We are a photo booth manufacturer.  If you would like to rent a photo booth for an event or activation we can refer you to any of our hundreds of customers who provide photo booth rental services nationwide and even internationally.

Or you can buy one of our photo booths to run yourself at your event, and then rent it out yourself to all your friends as a new side hustle!

In the words of Henry Ford, you can have any color you want as long as it’s black (or white).  All of our photo booths for sale are professionally powder-coated with an ultra high quality finish that is durable and lasts.

Yes! Absolutely, we have done hundreds of corporate brand activations and have specifically designed all of our photo booth kiosks to be brand-able and easily wrapped.

You can download our free PDF files with the photo booth vinyl wrap templates.

Yes, and no.  We sell photo booth shells, and printer stands.  You would need to buy your own printer, and connect it to your own tablet or iPad that you install into our photo booth.

So if the software you choose to use supports printing, and you buy a printer, then yes, you can print!

The best software is the one that will get the job done for your client.

This question is almost like arguing politics with family at Thanksgiving.  There are many different photo booth software options out there, and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses.

While we can’t say for certain which one is the *best*, we can make recommendations based on what many of our clients use.

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