Bullet Time Multi Camera Array

180 Degree Photo Booth

Freeze time for your clients with our custom, curved, 7 camera bullet time photo booth array.

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multi-camera array

A unique, luxury, high-end product

bullet Time Photo Booth Array

As a photo booth company, you want to provide a unique and high-end service for your clients.  

The 180 degree photo booth is a multi-camera array, and is a popular and complex product that creates a unique bullet-time effect.

Booth Masters has designed the perfect enclosure for a robust, reliable, and portable multi-camera array setup.

Our unique features allow 7 cameras to be installed equidistant, and synced together to create the bullet-time effect.

Two or more Bullet arrays may be connected to create 14 or 21 camera array systems for more complex activations.

The fully enclosed shell with a curved front ensures that everything is protected while being transported, and is quick to set up & calibrate at your events.

Buy a bullet array photo booth

Fully Wired Multi-Camera Array

When you buy a fully-wired Bullet Array photo booth, you get the following:

  • The Booth Masters Bullet Array 7-Camera Curved Shell
  • 2x Esper Trigger Boxes 
  • 2x Esper Power Boxes
  • 7x Canon T6 Cameras
  • 7x 24mm pancake lenses
  • 7x 2.5mm to 3.5mm jacks (plugs into Esper Boxes)
  • 2x 3.5mm to 3.5mm jacks (connects Esper box to Esper box to flash. If using 3 flashes, you need 5. If using 2 flashes you need 4)
  • 7-port USB hub
  • Multi Camera Array (Breeze software)
  • Power strip
  • Windows Tablet or PC. i7 or better, Dual core processor or better and at minimum 8Gigs of storage
  • Lights for Calibration
  • Professionally assembled with wire wraps, zip ties, lots of patience and quite a bit of cursing..
bullet time photo booth array back

Portable, and Easy to Assemble

Assembling your Bullet 2.0 Multi-Camera Array

Like all Booth Masters photo booths, the Bullet 2.0 array was designed to be portable, and easy to assemble.  

Check out this video as Sean demonstrates how to set up your new multi-camera bullet time array.

Create Experiences

Give your Clients more than just another "Photo"

From animated GIFs to stopping time, the experiences you can create for your clients with a Booth Masters photo booth are near limitless.

Push the limits of what is possible and create something people have never seen before.

Our Customers Love their Bullet Array

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Combine multiple Bullet Arrays for larger activations

7 Camera, 14 Camera, or 21 Camera Array

180 degree photo booth

Quickly and easily expand your single 7-camera array into a 14 or 21-camera array by connecting 2 or more Bullet 2.0 units together.

For an entertainment or event rental company, that means that you can operate multiple units simultaneously, or bring them together for a larger activation for a client.

Ready to Buy?

Purchase a Bullet Array

If you want to buy a bullet array photo booth, you are in the right place!  

We have 2 options depending on your budget and requirements.

  • Bullet Array Shell Only – Build your own 180 degree photo booth with a multiple camera photo booth shell, and supply your own cameras, computer, wiring, and components.
  • Fully-Wired Bullet Array – Buy a complete bullet array photo booth with 7 cameras, components, computer, and software all included.
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