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Pic Station Mini

The portable ring light photo booth for sale that changes to meet your needs.

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When buying a Photo Booth...

We created a Portable photo booth that works for you

As a rental company, photographer, mobile DJ, or other event based company, you want a system that meets your clients needs.

That is why we designed the Pic Station Mini to be the most flexible, modular, portable iPad photo booth on the market.

You can customize it and use your choice of configuration to meet any client demands.

Learn How To Assemble The Pic Station Mini

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iPad Photo Booth Kiosk

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Portable Photo Booth for Sale | iPad or DSLR | Booth Masters
psm white 10.5

A portable photo booth kiosk, the Pic Station Mini can be either an iPad photo booth, or a DSLR photo booth. Modular and easy to use!

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Portable Photo Booth for Sale | iPad or DSLR | Booth Masters

A portable photo booth kiosk, the Pic Station Mini can be either an iPad photo booth, or a DSLR photo booth. Modular and easy to use!

Packing your Photo Booth in a Travel Case

How to best fit your Pic Station Mini portable photo booth in an SKB hard travel case.Buy a photo booth

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Booth Masters Pic Station Mini is

The ULTIMATE DIY Photo Booth Shell

Pic Station Mini Photo Booth Shell

If you’re looking for a DIY Photo Booth shell to build your own booth, then the Pic Station Mini is the ideal solution for you.

  • Modular design
  • Bright Beauty LED Ring Light for fantastic photos
  • Interchangeable faceplates supporting any combination of tablet + camera
    • iPad 10.5″
    • iPad 11″
    • iPad 12.9″
    • DSLR Camera + iPad 10.5″
    • DSLR Camera + Surface Pro


Add the “Mobile Mini Conversion Kit” and transform your Ring Light & Faceplate into a mobile roaming photo booth!

Choose your faceplate

iPad or DSLR Ring Light Photo Booth For Sale

The most unique feature of the Pic Station Mini is the interchangeable faceplates with professional LED ring light which allow you to use the tablet of your choice.  It also means that you can upgrade your photo booth for a relatively low cost instead of having to buy a whole new booth when the newest tablet or iPad comes out.

If you want the most modular iPad photo booth on the market, then the Pic Station mini is what you want!

iPad Photo Booth Faceplates

Whether you’re looking to upgrade to the latest iPad Pro, or you want to have a second faceplate for flexibility, you can purchase the faceplate separately.

DSLR Photo Booth Faceplates

The Pic Station Mini supports your choice of DSLR Camera + Tablet, either a Microsoft Surface Pro or iPad Pro 10.5″.  Click any of these images to go to the Booth Masters online store to purchase a DSLR based photo booth faceplate for your Pic Station Mini.

Ring Light Photo Booth

We use a professional LED ring light mounted to our photo booth faceplates to provide excellent quality constant light to create beautiful pictures.  The ring light has 4 modes of lighting to create different effects, adjustable 3200K – 5600K color temperature and works with both AC and DC power supply sources.

LED Ring Light Specifications:

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Go Mobile!

Mobile roamers are the new trend.  Don’t get stuck with a single-purpose roamer…

The Booth Masters Mobile Mini conversion kit transforms your Pic Station Mini Ring Light & Face Plate into a portable LED ring light roamer.

LED Ring Light Roamer

The Pic Station Mini ring light accepts standard format batteries, available at any photo supply store or Best Buy.  We recommend getting Pic Station Mini Batteries on Amazon.

With a pair of batteries, a fully charged iPad, and your Pic Station Mini: Mobile Mini Conversion Kit you will be ready to roam at any of your events.

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The Most Versatile, Modular Photo Booth For Sale

One Kiosk, Multiple Systems

With the Pic Station Mini, you can use your preferred system of choice:

Simply swap the faceplate for the system you need.

Add a Canon or Nikon Camera to have a

DSLR Photo Booth

Using your preferred choice of software*, your Pic Station Mini becomes a truly powerful photo kiosk.

DSLR Photo Booth
DSLR Photo Booth

Windows PC Based Photo Booth Kiosk With DSLR Camera

The Pic Station Mini when paired with a DSLR faceplate becomes a powerful portable photo studio.  The ability to use a high quality Canon DSLR or Nikon DSLR Camera means that your photos will come out looking crisp and sharp every time!

When you buy a Pic Station Mini with the DSLR + Surface Pro faceplate, it allows you to run your choice of PC software on a Microsoft Surface Pro.

Compatible Windows Photo Booth Software*

iPad Photo Booth Kiosk With DSLR Camera

The Pic Station Mini is the only shell on the market that allows you to pair an iPad with a DSLR camera to unlock the best of both worlds.  

With the use of a Manfrotto Digital Director and the Snappic photo app on the iPad, you get the high resolution DSLR photos with the powers, features, and ease of use of the iPad software, sharing, microsite, and more.

Compatible iPad Photo Booth Software for DSLR Cameras*

DSLR Ring Light Photo Booth
DSLR iPad Photo Booth


A Portable Photo Booth

The Pic Station Mini was specifically designed to be a highly portable photo booth, with multiple transport options.

A hard case with laser cut foam inserts is a popular option for transporting your photo booth safe and securely.

We also offer a clamshell soft case that holds all sections of the Pic Station Mini and has a pouch to securely contain the LED Ring Light.

Take Your Photo Booth Anywhere

With the ultra high portability of the Pic Station Mini photo booth, it really can travel anywhere.

Designed to easily pack up into the back of a small car, you don’t have to worry about your photo booth attendants having any difficulties transporting and setting up this photo booth at events.

Soft Bag Cover for iPad Photo Booth

The clamshell soft bag cover is a great solution for transporting your Pic Station Mini portable photo booth to and from events.

Hard Travel Case for Portable Photo Booth

Our custom laser cut foam inserts for the SKB hard travel case is the best solution for protecting your portable photo booth in transport.

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Frequently Asked Questions


You will want to provide your own iPad.  We recommend going with an iPad Pro, and choosing the screen size that you want.

No.  Booth Masters does not currently sell printers.

We recommend buying a DNP or Mitsubishi Dye Sublimation photo printer, and using the Booth Masters Print Station printer stand.


Please contact us for international shipping rates.

The Pic Station Mini photo booth shell supports the following iPads:

iPad Pro 9.7″

iPad Pro 10.5″

iPad Pro 11″

iPad Pro 12.9″ v2 (Home Button)

iPad Pro 12.9″ v3 (No Home Button)

The Pic Station Mini has the following dimensions:

Column Height: 5′

Column Width: 12″

Column Depth: 4″

The Pic Station Mini weighs 37lb when it is assembled.


We provide easily customizable Adobe Photoshop templates to create custom branded vinyl wraps.  Use your preferred print shop to cut print and cut the vinyl.

* Booth Masters does not sell, license, or otherwise provide support for the above mentioned photo booth software. Please contact your software manufacturer for questions related to their products.

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Easy to use iPad Photo Kiosk

DIY Photo Booth Shell

The Pic Station Mini is the perfect kiosk for the DIY photo booth.  Simply add your preferred tablet and software and go!

Best of both worlds

iPad or Surface Pro

Use your Pic Station Mini as an iPad photo booth, or use it with a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet with a DSLR camera.  You get to choose which combination best fits your business.

Startup or Established Business

Business Growth Opportunities

Whether you are just starting your business, or you are expanding your established company and adding more booths to your fleet, the Pic Station Mini is a match made in heaven.

DSLR Photo Booth