Packing Your Photo Booth In A Travel Case

How to pack up your portable photo booth into the SKB hard travel case.  The laser cut foam inserts sold by Booth Masters make it really simple to pack up, store, and travel with your Pic Station Mini.

Remove Top Foam Section #

The top most foam section that holds the ring light inside the travel case is designed to be removed.  Take it out and place it to the side.

Insert Foot Plate #

Place your Pic Station Mini foot plate into the left hand side of the SKB case with the rubber feet facing out.  This is to protect the finish on the top of the foot plate.  You may also fit an extension cord alongside the foot plate for extra storage and transportation.

Insert Photo Booth Sections #

The bottom, middle, and top sections of the Pic Station Mini fit into the foam cutouts.  The top head unit section goes in the smaller cutout slot.   Be sure to place each section with the TOP or UP side of the section towards the left hand side of the case.  This is so when you tip the SKB case on the side to roll it, the photo booth sections are in the upright position.

If you do not place the sections in the proper upright positions, the weight of the sections may push the side flanges down into the foam and make it difficult to remove.

Insert Ring Light & Faceplate #

Put the top foam section back into the travel case and place the ring light & faceplate into the cutout.  Be sure to place the faceplate face down to protect the screen of your iPad or Surface Pro tablet.