How to Adjust the Height of your Photo Booth

Adjusting the height of your Pic Station Mini is easy!  You can remove the center section to lower the ring light to a sitting height.  Or with the use of an adapter, you can mount the head unit directly to the foot plate to turn the Pic Station Mini into a tabletop photo booth.

This is another great feature and reason why the Pic Station Mini is the most versatile, modular, and portable photo booth kiosk on the market.

Step 1: Remove the Head Unit & Middle Section #

Remove the thumb screws that attach the photo booth head unit to the middle section of the Pic Station Mini body.  Then carefully lift the head unit, and disconnect any power cords if necessary.

Set the head unit off to the side.

Don’t forget to replace the thumb screws into the top of the middle section so you don’t lose them.

Next, remove the thumb screws connecting the middle section to the lower section.  Again, disconnect any power cords if necessary, and set the middle section off to the side.

Step 2: Connect the Head Unit to the Lower Section #

Carefully connect the power cord in the lower section to the head unit, and place the head unit onto the lower section of the photo booth column.  Use the thumb screws to secure it to the lower section.

You now have adjusted the height of your Pic Station Mini and can enjoy using it in a sitting position, or for children at a kids event, or any other use where the lower height is requried.