Bullet Pro 11-Camera Array (Discontinued)

The Bullet Pro is a 11-cam multi-camera photo booth array.

The Bullet Mini has been Discontinued, and has been replaced with the Bullet Array 2.0 – A curved 7-camera array that can be combined to create 14 or 21-camera bullet time photo booth arrays.

Bullet Pro 11 Camera Array Wiring Guide #

Installing the Multi-Camera Trigger #

The trigger is an important part of the Bullet Pro Array. This short video will walk you through connecting it and setting it up so you can fire all 11 cameras at the same time.

Mounting the Topper on the Bullet Pro #

Once your multi-camera array is wired and assembled, it is time to install the topper cover with flash mount poles.

How to Calibrate the Bullet Pro multi-camera array using Breeze Multi-Camera #