A premium experience

Vogue Photo Booth

Buy a high quality Vogue Photo Booth enclosure to create a futuristic light tunnel backdrop for your photo booth experience.

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The highest quality

Vogue Booth Enclosure

The Booth Masters Vogue Photo Booth enclosure is the highest quality vogue booth on the market.

It is made from aluminum panels bolted together to create a sturdy backdrop, with the lights wired inside the panels for a clean and uniform look.

Designed for high end activations where quality is of the utmost concern, if you want to give your clients a true Vogue Booth experience, then this is the product for you.

Vogue Booth + Pic Station Mini = Winning Combo

By pairing the Booth Master Vogue photo booth enclosure with the Pic Station Mini, you get a winning combination to create epic photo experiences for your guests and attendees.

See how easy it is to use and capture amazing vogue photo & video clips.