Batteries for Pic Station Mini Ring Light

iPad Photo Booth

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What batteries do I use with the Pic Station Mini Ring Light?

We are often asked what batteries to use with your new Pic Station Mini.  The professional LED Ring Light that we use with the faceplates supports a standard style battery.

There are different manufacturers for these batteries, and we find that it is often best (and cheapest) to buy them direct through Amazon.

Linked below are the batteries that we use and recommend most often.

If you have or want an iPad photo booth kiosk that can run wirelessly without power cables, these batteries will give you the ability to power the light on your Pic Station Mini iPad photo booth kiosk.  With a fully charged iPad, you can have hours of photo booth fun at your event ANYWHERE!

Use your photo booth on a beach, on a mountainside, at a wedding, or anywhere, and no power is required.

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