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Multi-Camera Array Photo Booth

Introducing the new Bullet 2.0 multi-camera array, a full-featured 7 camera multi-cam bullet time photo booth.  With the release of the Bullet 2.0, we are discontinuing the “Bullet Pro 11-Camera”, and “Bullet Mini 7-Camera” products.

New Improvements:

Modular design that keeps wiring contained within the top unit.

Stable 2-leg setup to provide better stability and support.

Curved front face to provide better spacing for the camera bodies.

2 mounting points per camera so you can have the lenses sticking out, or the lenses can be recessed inside the shell for better protection.

Improved layout for wiring and setup.

3 Flash Mount Poles for more flexibility.

And best of all, the Bullet 2.0 can be paired with a second or third unit to be combined to create a 14 camera or 21 camera array.

The Booth Masters array is powered by Breeze Multi-Cam Photo Booth Software

multi-camera array
array in an array

Check out all the features and benefits and learn why you should buy photo booth and get a bullet array for your event rental or entertainment business.

When building a multi-camera array photo booth, it is important to make sure that each camera is equidistant from each other to create uniform transitions from photo to photo.

The Booth Masters Bullet Array is engineered to ensure that each camera is the same distance apart, even when multiple arrays are connected together, allowing you to seamlessly have a 7-camera, 14, camera, or 21-camera array.

This flexibility gives you more options and better control over the events that you produce with it.

For the photo booth rental companies looking to add something new and unique to their lineup of offerings, then the bullet time photo booth array from Booth Masters is the ideal purchase.

You can buy just a shell and follow our assembly video to install your own cameras, trigger boxes, and cabling.  Or you can buy a fully-wired photo booth array with software pre-configured ready to go.

Check out How to Calibrate a Multi Camera Array

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