Wrapping a photo booth in vinyl is a great way to promote your brand, or a clients brand at an activation. Take a look at these examples of the Pic Station Mini being wrapped by our customers.

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Vinyl Wrapping Your Photo Booth: A Visual Guide

One of the benefits of the Booth Masters Pic Station Mini portable photo booth is how easy it is to vinyl wrap it with branding.  A branded wrap is a great up-sell or add-on to a photo booth rental, especially for corporate events.

In a recent post inside the Booth Masters Owners Facebook Group, we asked our customers to show off their Pic Station Mini’s wrapped and branded, and they delivered!

Check out these awesome branded photo booths.

Wrapped With Your Own Branding

vinyl wrapped photo booth 01 iluvphotobooths

I Luv Photo Booths

Pic Station Mini owner Brandon Henderson shared this photo of his great vinyl wrap with his companies brand. I Luv Photo Booths is his rental company located in New Jersey.  He had a local printer do the wrap and it came out great!

It showcases his companies brand, and includes the social media sharing icons letting people know exactly what they should do with their pictures (or videos in this case, since he’s using it as a video booth).

Branded With Client Information

Branded Photo Booth

Party Booth

Here we can see a Pic Station Mini wrapped and branded for a client. Verity Jayne Scott proudly shared what her company, PartyBooth, in the Cayman Islands did recently.

We can see that she is using the Microsoft Surface Pro with DSLR faceplate to provide a photo booth experience customized and tailored for her client, with a branded start screen and everything.

Wrapped For Large Brand Activation

vinyl wrapped photo booth 03 clearchoice

Clear Choice

What’s more fun than one vinyl wrapped & branded photo booth?  TWO branded photo booths!  Clear Choice Photo Booth in Cleveland OH shared this photo of 2 Pic Station Mini’s being used for a corporate brand activation.

They’re using the iPad + DSLR faceplate to provide a powerful brand experience.  For anyone interested in the additional lights that are on top of the photo booths, you can get them on Amazon.

Wrapped To Match Theme Of Event

vinyl wrapped photo booth 04 mdrn photo booth company

MDRN Photo Booth Company

Catalina Bloch from MDRN Photo Booth Company in Ontario Canada shared this example of the Pic Station Mini with GLYDE attachment branded for a festive holiday event.

By swapping out the standard head unit with the Glyde attachment, they were able to create a sleek iPad slider to give their client a very unique 3D photo experience.

Vinyl Wrapped To Be Unique

vinyl wrapped photo booth 05 photo active events

Photo Active Events

There are many things that can be done to make the photo booth look unique, and Photo Active Events in Minnesota shares how they wrapped the Pic Station Mini in vinyl for a client’s brand activation.

Using a white Pic Station Mini as a canvas can help you be creative with the vinyl wraps.

More Branded Photo Booth Examples

Want To Vinyl Wrap Your Photo Booth?

Do you have a Pic Station Mini that you would like to wrap with vinyl.  You can easily brand your photo booth for your business, or for a client using our smart wrap templates.

We have different wrap templates depending on the faceplate that you have for your Pic Station Mini.

The wrap templates can be accessed for free inside the Booth Masters Owners Resource Portal, or ordered from the online store.

Buy A Photo Booth Wrap Template

Watch this video tutorial on how to create your photo booth wrap design inside Adobe Photoshop.  This video walks you through the steps to customize the colors, and add branding & logos.

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